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Monthly updates on current and upcoming events at Fight Society Muay Thai Gym.

A person that practices Muay Thai is called Nak Muay in Thai, which means Muay Thai boxer. The Thais' call the westerners that practice Muay Thai, Nak Muay Farang or "foreign boxer".


JULY 2020

** Update 7/6/2020. WV governor announced that masks or face coverings inside buildings in the state are mandatory after midnight tonight.

We understand you may have different feelings and opinions on the matter. But we must enforce this order at Fight Society so we can continue to train but more importantly to ensure we are providing a safe training environment. 

Starting tomorrow 7/7/20 we ask that anyone that comes to the gym to train use a mask or face covering. 

We also ask that family members and friends wait in their vehicle during the Muay Thai class. We know you love to watch but we must continue to social distance during this time. 

We are fighting to keep Fight Society to stay open! Please do your part and try to understand! Thank you!**

Fight Society members please continue to self monitor for COIVD-19 symptoms. We ask that you all do your part and STAY HOME if you are not feeling well, have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who could have potentially been exposed to the virus. For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC's website.

We are working hard to keep the gym clean and sanitized to avoid spread of any bacteria or virus. With this we would ask that you all bring your own water bottles. The coach's water thermus is NOT there for individuals to refill personal bottles. Plan ahead and bring enough water for the entire training session. Stay hydrated!


Let's also keep in mind our personal hygeine.
Please remember to:

  • wash your hand wraps weekly (at least).

  • keep finger nails and toe nails trimmed . 

  • continue to practice good hand washing.

In addition, we ask that you all start investing in your own Muay Thai gear such as, gloves, shin gards, mouth gards, and hand wraps. We are able to train techniques safely if you all have your own gear. You can find these items on Amazon, or you can also check out Infightstyle or  Muay Thai Factory​.

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Running targets two energy systems, anaerobic and aerobic. Aerobic is the energy system that allows for long duration exercising, endurance training. Anaerobic, is associated with high intensity interval training which requires more work with limited oxygen. As your running fitness continues to develop, your cardivascular and muscular endurance will improve and your performance during shadow boxing, padwork, bagwork and sparring will also improve. Running is a fundamental component of any authentic Muay Thai training regimen.

We will be offering a few variations of running workouts weekly! 

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Fight Society Coaches went to Brazil to learn new techniques &
coaching methods to stay current with evolving sport of Muay Thai.

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